Hi, I'm
Jowin .

Born and bred in Hong Kong.
Currently based in Singapore.
I create Animations,
draw Illustrations,
design for User Interface
and take photos sometimes.

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The Stable Chair

3D Modelling, Illustration, School work. Singapore Dec 2011.
The piece of creation was entitled "The Stable Chair". It was a series of three sofa chairs painted in the graphic pattern originated from the repeated look of the public housing managed by the Housing and Development Board (in short: HDB) in Singapore.

The design would be focusing into the pattern of the pieces which are repeating patterns of the illustrated HDB flats and buildings. HDB buildings could be seen daily and be a part of the remarkable scene of the City, where the policy of HDB benefits a large population the stability of living.Thourgh the design, the repetition of the pattern would symbolise the stability of the citizens' living, as well as the identical living environment of most of the people.

Softwares had been used includes Adobe Illustrator (digitalising graphic patterns) and Autodesk 3Ds Max (3D modelling).

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