Hi, I'm
Jowin .

Born and bred in Hong Kong.
Currently based in Singapore.
I create Animations,
draw Illustrations,
design for User Interface
and take photos sometimes.

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D&AD '12 - Little White Lies

Illustration, Competition work. Singapore Feb 2012.
The project was participated in D&AD Student Awards 2012, particularly themed on the illustration brief to redesign a magazine cover for a film magazine, Little White Lies, from the UK.

The illustration on this cover is a collage of pencil sketches of scenes from the film Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Pieced together, these sketches form the portrait of George Smiley, an experienced intelligence officer with the M16 in the film. Smiley keeps the same com-posed face throughout the movie despite the circumstances, raising an increasing suspicion for him the further into the film the audience watches. It is this impenetrable face that is Smiley's key to surviving the Circus and forms an unforgettable image throughout the film. This is why I chose to depict this image, in such a manner, to front the design for the cover.

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