Hi, I'm
Jowin .

Born and bred in Hong Kong.
Currently based in Singapore.
I create Animations,
draw Illustrations,
design for User Interface
and take photos sometimes.

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Illustration, Print-making, Collective work. Hong Kong Jun 2013.
Bodillusion is a series of illustrations created together with a friend, Siah.

The images are printed in Carbon Transfer technique. Exagerated characters are used to express the meaning of these phrases in Cantonese Slang: 白鴿眼 to describe people who always look down on others; 大胃王 to describe gluttons; 狗眼看人低 to describe people distaining others in one’s own narrow mind.

The work was exhibited in the art show “Inspired by Bodies”, which was organised by a collective of the same name, Bodillusion.

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